Insecurity ;Loving yourself- Fope &Soffss


This was a very challenging post for me,it took me time to figure out how to express myself and even when I did, it took a lot of courage to decide to share it. I featured a friend of mine , Fope, who wrote a poem that will be referenced in the post.

Insecurity,  such a simple name for an emotionally entangling feeling. It is something we have all felt one point in our lives.

Lord, increase in me that I might decrease in myself.

Renew me from the inside out. Renew my body, mind, spirit andsoul.

Give me the ability to submit my burdens at your feet.

 Insecurities? What are they?

It’s that force that puts you in a place of shame and comparison.

There’s no one who hasn’t experienced it. The different forms like an unbearable weight

Tying in with the physical weight, the one you’re…

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